Announcements for January, 2017

13 January 2017:

AFSCME Sub-chapter 161


Dear member:

The AFSCME Retirees will meet at the Wildwood Tavern in Niles on Wednesday, 18 January 2017. Meeting begins at 11:30AM. The restaurant is located at Caldwell and Touhy Avenues in Niles.

I have invited Ms. Ana Marin, of Jane Addams Senior Caucus to tell us what they will be doing to fight the attacks on Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, the ACA, and our pensions. This weekend, I will be attending the AFSCME Council 31 Political Conference. I will update you with information from Council 31 at this meeting

Jane Addams SC is a highly effective grass roots senior organization. We can work with them, learning community organizing methods, to defeat this attack on ourselves and our families.

The election is past and it is time to focus on the work we must do.


Charlie Hogan,



12 January 2017:
Additional materials have now been posted on the page for January 2017.


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