November 24, 2016

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1 Response to November 24, 2016

  1. David Rolston says:

    Hello everyone in UNION Sub-Local 161,.
    At our Nov. 16th meeting I suggested a new strategy to protect our pensions & healthcare insurance.

    Previously, with the best of intentions, our strategy has been a mile wide & 1/2 inch deep. We have been responding to initiatives by others & not initiating ourselves. We have been viewed by local political leaders & AFSCME upper management as grunt labor for the projects they decide to pursue. Examples include Jan Schakowski’s minions coming by to recruit us to work in her campaign & AFSCME leadership telling us who the union supports without any local polling of our opinions. e.g.Squigely Quigley. Count up our “friendly” local political leaders who regularly vote to cut our pensions & benefits. Our efforts to get rid of Rep Duncan need to be replicated close to home to replace at least one local Rep. or Senator with someone we trust.

    Our local union people resources are limited and must be used wisely, nearest to us.
    We need a single focus to all our efforts.
    We need to find a local candidate who is pro-union & strongly committed to us before the campaigns begin.
    Our focused efforts within one (1) local campaign reinforce our strength & unite all our issues.

    I suggest local 161 authorizes a CAMPAIGN & CANDIDATE VETTING COMMITTEE to begin the process of finding a particular candidate & one local political office where & with whom we can best use our power to protect our pensions & healthcare insurance.

    Dave Rolston
    Member, Sub-Local 161
    [ Please respond ]

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