Information for July, 2022

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Posted on July 17, 2022 by afscmeretirees161

Announcement of Meeting July 20, 2022

The next regular Members Meeting will be on the third Wednesday of the month, July 20, 2022. The meeting will be a hybrid with call-to-order at noon. The meeting will take place at Sweet Basil Cafe; 5203 Old Orchard Road, Skokie, IL. Those attending the meeting in person may arrive as early as 11:30 and should order food before the meeting begins (click here to view Sweet Basil Cafe menu). The Zoom session will begin at 11:45 so members can log in and make technical adjustments before the meeting is called to order. For information on how to use Zoom click here.


Guest Speaker from the Alliance for Retired Americans will cover the importance of the November elections—Supreme Court races, and other races and issues important to union members and retirees.

We will have postcards for members to fill out at the meeting.

Business Meeting:

1-Roll Call of Officers

2-Minutes/Old Business

3-Treasurer’s Report/Votes on Expenses

4-President’s Report/People Meeting and Conference/Guest Speakers

5-V.P. Report

6-Communications Committee Report



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