Announcements, June 25, 2020

• The Executive Board met this afternoon and elected Diane Stokes as President to complete the term of Charlie Hogan. Diane will serve until the next in person meeting of the Subchapter, scheduled for April 2021 (pandemic restrictions permitting). The Executive Board now consists of:

Diane Stokes, President
Mary Bennett, Vice-President
Tony Zappia, Recording Secretary
Jesse Wilson, Secretary-Treasurer
MacArthur Diggs, Board member
John Metz, Board member
Ron Smolin, Board member

• Council 31 has encouraged us not to hold an in person meeting until appropriate under medical directives for our age group. We will have Zoom meetings on our regular meeting schedule (Third Wednesday of a month, 12 Noon). The next meeting will be Wednesday, July 15. Any member wishing to get assistance with Zoom should leave a message at our Voice Mail number 224-366-7339.

• The Executive Board will soon appoint a replacement for Charlie Hogan as Chapter Executive Board Representative

Responsibility of position is to attend meetings (typically in Springfield) and engage in ideas with Chapter Executive Board members and report back to sub chapter on any/all pertinent information, initiatives and requests.

Any member wishing to be considered for this position should leave a message at our Voice Mail number 224-366-7339, as soon as possible since the Executive Board needs to move quickly to fill this position.

• Council 31 and our Subchapter will be engaged in various activities in support of the Constitutional amendment on the Fair Tax, to be voted on in the November election. Further details will be provided. Additional explanatory materials about the Fair Tax are now available on our “Fair Tax Materials” page.

• Some new material in memory of Charlie Hogan can now be found here.




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