Announcement of monthly meeting, June 19.

11 June 2019

AFSCME Sub-chapter 161

Dear member:

The AFSCME Retirees will meet at Hackney’s on Lake, Glenview on Wednesday, June 19th, The guest speaker will be Dr. Ann Sheetz. She is our local fighter for Medicare for All. She will have an update on the local and national efforts to bring this into existence.

I will have news from the 4th quarter meeting of Council 31 Retiree Officers conference that met in Springfield on June 6-7. There is a lot of good news which I plan to present in written and spoken form in order to give most of the time to Dr. Sheetz and questions you might have for her.

This will be a busy Summer with our communications’ team’s work, the transition work before the September officer election, and planning our participation in the Council31 Convention in October.In other good news- Mrs. Maria Britten Sipe is back as our Retiree Coordinator. She will be visiting us in September.


Charlie Hogan, President

Click here to view minutes from May members meeting.





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1 Response to Announcement of monthly meeting, June 19.

  1. Dave Rolston says:

    I think there is a big distinction between “Medicare For All’ & “Single Payer Healthcare”.
    Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t “Single Payer” mean no insurance companies while” Medicare For All” includes the insurance companies as with everyone now on medicare??
    Dr Anne Sheetz advocates for SINGLE PAYER not Medicare For All. This is the way to describe her advocacy. Thanks.

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