Announcements for August, 2017

10 August 2017

AFSCME Sub-chapter 161

Dear member:

The AFSCME Retirees will meet at the Wildwood Tavern in Niles on Wednesday, August 16th. The meeting will begin at 11:30AM. Our business will center around efforts to build sub-chapter membership and greater member participation. The times and the current situations in Springfield and in Washington will continue to affect us. We will need the tools, the training, as well as confidence in one another to meet any challenge.

I will have news on the work of our retiree volunteers to connect with our non-attending members. Many of them want to be part of phone tree and email efforts to pressure and support legislators who will represent us. Legislators who will speak to issues of how to fund Medicaid and senior services like meal on wheels.

Citizens United opened the political process to the influence of large amounts of “Dark” or anonymous money in our political process from primaries to legislator votes on bills that will affect us and our families. To check this threat, we have to build an opposing source of power.

We are fortunate as a sub-chapter to have a history of activism past and current. We have developed political skills individually and as a group. Many of us have continued to volunteer with our Council 31 as well as community organizations. During this meeting, we need to review what we know and consider together how to apply it in the months ahead.

Our strength can only grow through member participation. We need your attendance at this and future meeting.

Charles Hogan,

See news materials for August.



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