Meeting Announcement, July 20, 2016

16 July 2016

AFSCME Sub-chapter 161

Dear member:

We will meet again at Ruby Tuesdays Restaurant at 5203 Old Orchard Road, Skokie, IL on Wednesday, 20th of July. The meeting starts at 11 AM. This will be a working meeting for members.

We will use it as part of our effort to build an active membership through person-to-person efforts and alliances with other organizations. I will have written materials as background for discussions. Mary and I have been active with members of ONE north side and the Jane Addams Senior Caucus doing canvassing, and demonstrations for the living wage. We gathered petition signatures supporting the living wage and to protect Social Security and Medicare.

Up until now AFSCME and community organizations have conducted defensive blocking actions. You don’t win a fight being on defense.

Before the political season comes up to full speed, we have time to think, build a consensus around a plan, and a schedule of member activity.

With the situation as it is in Illinois, we and our families cannot wait for elections and lame duck session decisions. Our focus will be on a plan and short term schedule for creating and applying pressure. Organized coalition pressure gets us a place at decision’s table.

If you aren’t at that table; you’re on the menu.

If you or your family depend on a check, we need to be working for a comprehensive, just change that reverses past damage. The graph showing the budget gap will only grow wider if the current groups remain stalemated.

Charlie Hogan


To view email forwarded by Mary Bennett, “Do Pensions Cost Too Much $$$?”, click here.

To view exchange of letters between Roberta Lynch and members of the Illinois General Assemply, click here.

To view minutes of the May 11 Subchapter meeting, click here.

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