Meeting Announcement, June 17, 2015

10 June 2015

AFSCME Sub-chapter 161

Dear member:

We will meet again at Ruby Tuesdays Restaurant at 5203 Old OrchardRoad, Skokie, Il., on Wednesday, 17th of June. The meeting starts at 11 AM. If you know interested retirees, bring them.

Information from the Council 31 Retirees June meeting will be available. The focus for us will shift to contract negotiations. If you have been following the message roll out in the media, you know we have to respond to attacks on government employees and retirees. We’ll need a fact sheet every member can use whenever the subject comes up among friends and neighbors. We’ll want to discuss it and plan how to use it individually and in group activities. Bring any appropriate articles you have read and internet sources you have found. We will use them as part of our effort to build a active membership through person-to-person efforts and alliances with other organizations.

Sub-Chapter elections for officers and executive board members will be held in September.


Charlie Hogan

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