Vote for Pat Quinn

29 October 2014

Dear Member:

I phone banked for Quinn votes last night. In 90 minutes, the 16 phoners ran through the program’s list of AFSCME members and retirees in northern Illinois. This is my impression.

There is a shift in awareness among the members and retirees. They have received and understood Council 31’s message about Bruce Rauner. Many have already voted early for Pat Quinn. They are spreading the word, asking family and friends to vote for Quinn.

Several people thanked me for the call.

Publicly, the media has declared the Governor’s race a dead heat. It’s time to turn off mainstream media I’m urging you to vote and continue your personal get out the vote work. If this shift is happening, every effort you make will have more of a response among family, close friends, and neighbors. You have to ask them to vote for Quinn.

Feel free to e-mail me about your impressions from your GOTV actions. I’ll update you at this site on what I’ve observed. Meanwhile, work like hell.

Charlie Hogan


PS: Our subchapter’s website can now be viewed at  It now contains updated information on the 2014 gubernatorial election.

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