Announcements June 28, 2013

Highlights of June 19 meeting:

Our speaker was Georgia Gerdes, Healthcare Choices Specialist:
1048 Lake Street. Suite 300
Oak Park Illinois 60301-1102
phone (800)699-9043(708)383-0258

From the brochure for AgeOptions: Over the past 30 years, AgeOptions has established a national reputation for meeting the needs, wants and expectations of older adults in suburban Cook County. We are recognized as a leader in developing and helping to deliver innovative community based resources and options to the evolving, diverse communities we serve.

Ms. Gerdes discussed issues of healthcare  for older adults under Medicare and The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).  She distributed relevant literature (click here to view one of the brochures she provided) which are also available at the agency website.

President Charlie Hogan  suggested that members show their appreciation for state Senators who successfully opposed SB01 (see list below).

Senate Bill No. 1
May 30, 2013

N    Forby
N    Lightford
Y     Radogno
N    Barickman
N    Frerichs
N    Link
N    Raoul
N    Bertino-Tarrant
N    Haine
N    Luechtefeld
Y     Rezin
Y     Biss
Y     Harmon
N    Manar
N    Righter
N    Bivins
N    Harris
N    Martinez
N    Rose
Y     Brady
N    Hastings
N    McCann
N    Sandoval
N    Bush
N    Holmes
N    McCarter
N    Silverstein
N    Clayborne
N    Hunter
N    McConnaughay
Y     Stadelman
N    Collins
N    Hutchinson
N    McGuire
Y     Steans
Y     Connelly
N    Jacobs
N    Morrison
N    Sullivan
N    Cullerton, T.
N    Jones, E.
N    Mulroe
Y     Syverson
N    Cunningham
N    Koehler
N    Mufioz
N    Trotter
N    Delgado
N    Kotowski
Y     Murphy
N    Van Pelt
Y     Dillard
Y     LaHood
N    Noland
Y     Mr. President
NV  Duffy
Y     Landek
Y     Oberweis

Click here for contact information for state legislators (or click on “Contacts” in menu above).

See our “Members Forum” for postings by our members.

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