Announcements May 24, 2013

The last meeting of the subchapter was on May 15 at Ruby Tuesday’s in Skokie. The guest speaker was Emily Stuart, Director, Illinois Alliance for Retired Americans. Ms. Stuart provided the following handouts to members:

ARA Chained CPI 2

ARA Chained CPI

Medicare Drug Discounts

Emails sent to specific members but of interest to all may be found on our blogsite––by clicking on the title below:

To Mary Bennett:

BIG NEWS- Corporate Tax Loophole Bill Moves to House Floor
Celebrate 100th Anniversary of Women’s Suffrage in Illinois
Debunking the Myths about Your Earned Benefits
Join Chelsea Clinton for a Day of Action with Chicago Cares
Medicaid Expansion-342,000 Illinoisans Need Your Help
Their fight is our fight

Pat Houlihan:

Letter from Henry Bayer: Protect Your Pension


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