Announcements 4/15/13

email from President Charlie Hogan sent to members with email addresses:

Greetings.  This email is part of our effort to improve communications among members of our subchapter.  You may reply to it in your email program if you have any questions or comments. (We’re still working on our address list, so ignore this if you’ve already seen it.)
The next monthly meeting of the subchapter will be on April 17th at Ruby Tuesday’s, 5203 Old Orchard Rd., Skokie.  The guest speaker will be Maria Britten-Sipe, Council 31’s Retiree Coordinator.  The State and State University retirees’ healthcare will be discussed. If you expect to attend,  RSVP President Charlie Hogan at The restaurant needs a headcount in order to setup the room.
As you are probably aware, the Governor and Legislature have recently been acting in ways that may not be advantageous to our current pensions and benefits. All members and their families should call their state senator and representative to express our opposition to legislative changes in our current pensions and benefits.  Specifically, those interested in retirees’ pensions should urge their state senators to vote NO on HB 1165.  They should also express support for SB 2404.  Call your state senators by Wednesday April 10th when the Senate will be back in session.  We Are One Union Coalition hotline 888-412-6570 will connect you to your state senator with prompts.
You are also invited to visit our blogsite at There you will find information and links that may be helpful to you. This site will undergo frequent updates so you may want to check it regularly.

Mary Bennett of the Executive Board of Sub-chapter 161 has received the following emails that may be of interest to members (click to read the messages, source addresses are listed for each message but links within the messages are not active):

Big Pharma’s Price-Gouging Exposed

Coalition on Human Needs

State Level Tax Cuts Don’t Boost Job Growth

Obama’s Budget

April 12 Friday Alert

In addition, here are highlights of the top news stories from March 22, 2013.

Trumka: Austerity Only Weakens the Economy

Join Drive to Save Saturday Delivery

Top Economist Rejects ‘Chained’ CPI

Read more stories on the AFL-CIO Now blog.

Did you know that Congress has already voted to destroy your Post Office – and they can reverse it right now, whenever they want?

In 2006, George W. Bush signed a bill that his party’s congress drafted to effectively kill the Postal Service by requiring it to prefund their workers’ retirement benefits 75 years into the future.

Put another way, the Postal Service would be financially a-okay if Congress weren’t forcing it to fund the full retiree health benefits for workers that aren’t even born yet – something no country, corporation or government service has ever had to do.

ENOUGH: There is no mail budget crisis. There is a Congressional crisis. And it’s time for Congress to stop destroying our postal service. Sign on with us if you agree:

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