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On this page we will post special information and links that we want to make easily available to our members.


From Members Meeting 17-Nov-21

Material from presentation by David Lecik, Illinois Department on Aging

Medicare Basics for State of Illinois Retirees (Updated with 2022 Amounts)

TRAIL Decision Guide

Report by David Rolston, Vice-President

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From Members Meeting 20-0ct-21:

Reminder from Alliance for Community Services:
Annual Alliance-Builder Awards Dinner, Saturday, October 23, 4-5:30 pm

This is the action link Lindsay talked about today and we voted to support. Individual members and their organizations can sign on also.



Our speaker today was Louis Goseland from the Illinois Association of Retired Americans (lgoseland@illinoisretiredamericans.org, 312-623-5941, illinoisretiredamericans.org). The slides from his presentation can be viewed by clicking here.


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