Election Information

According to our Constitution, the election of Subchapter officers had been scheduled for September 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic forced postponement of the election. The Executive Board has rescheduled the election to take place as part of our regular Members Meeting on May 19, 2021. The Zoom meeting will begin at 12 noon.

Offices to be filled are: President, Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer, Recording Secretary, and three additional members of the Executive Board. These officers will serve until September 2022. Additionally, three Trustees will be chosen with staggered 3-year terms, one each ending in September 2021, September 2022, and September 2023. The duties of each officer are more fully described in AFSCME Retiree Officers Manual.

The election will follow the procedures described in AFSCME Retirees Election Manual. It will be under the supervision of the Election Chairman, Karl-Heinz Gabbey. Nominations for offices may be made by clicking on the link below, by email to afscmeretirees161@gmail.com or at the meeting. Mr. Gabbey will verify that each nominee is a member in good standing of the subchapter and that each nominee has had the opportunity to decline the nomination. At the meeting on May 19, for each office Mr. Gabbey will announce the eligible nominees that had been previously submitted and accept any additional nominations. Any nominee who is not opposed for an office will be declared elected. Offices contested by more than one nominee will be decided by a subsequent mail-in secret ballot supervised by Maria Britton-Sipe, AFSCME Council 31 Retiree Coordinator.

Click here to make nomination(s).